Marijuana Smoking

How Will Marijuana Legalization Affect Your Life Insurance?

Seems like everywhere you look there is an article or report about marijuana legalization in Canada. How will it be dealt with in this regard? In that regard? How much will it cost? How many new users? What about… Read more

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Dental And Health Benefits

Canadian Businesses Save $1500 on Healthcare and Dental Expenses

If you have a small business in Canada you may wonder from time to time if you are covering your healthcare and dental expenses in the most cost-effective way. You would not be alone. In working with my business Read more

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Who Know You

Again! Who Knows You?

A few weeks back I wrote a short missive entitled “Who Knows You?” Today, I am undertaking to republish that article with some minor modifications. Please let me know if the concept of effective business networking resonates with you. Read more

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Critical Illness Insurance

What is Critical Illness Insurance?


First conceived of (by Dr. Marius Barnard) and offered in South Africa in 1983, critical illness insurance has expanded to markets throughout the world. Critical illness insurance is part of a larger class of insurance products referred to Read more

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Life And Family Insurance

Life Insurance, Do I Need It?

Whether or not you need life insurance is something that should be given careful consideration. You will need to consider such things as: What purpose would the money be used for? How much do I need? What kind of Read more

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Key People Build A Fence Around Your Key People

Build a Fence Around Your Key People

A while back I wrote a piece on Key person insurance. A good Key Person Insurance strategy can be really helpful in protecting your company against losses as a result of a key person’s sudden or unexpected loss of Read more

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Key People Insurance Planning

Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance Does your business need it?

Key person insurance is purchased to provide some financial stability to a business in the event of a tragic and unforeseen event which results in the temporary or permanent loss of Read more

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Healthcare —How Long Will You Wait?

Healthcare —How Long Will You Wait?

If you’re like me, and you knew something was wrong and you’d seen your doctor about it, I bet you’d want to see a specialist soon and get the situation addressed as early as possible.

Well it doesn’t always Read more

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