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How Sharp is Black Edge Sharp?

The Origin of The Name.
Perry learned at a young age...

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How Sharp is Black Edge Sharp?

Perry learned at a young age how to tell if an edge was sharp.  While sharpening his pocket knife he learned that if you look straight at the sharpened edge under a bright light any imperfections in the honed surface would catch the light. These bright spots were imperfections. Continuing to work the edge would eventually eliminate the imperfections and the honed surface would no longer catch any light. The sharpened edge would appear dark or black.  Perry would refer to his perfectly honed blade as having a black edge.  Black Edge sharp!

In his practice, Perry strives to perfect his recommendations for his clients, honing them to suit the needs and objectives of his clients. Like a well used knife, a client’s risk management plan needs occasional honing to keep it sharp and fully functional.

When you sharpen a knife you need to prepare your tools. You wet your stone and you place it on a wet cloth so it remains stable while you sharpen the blade. When you work with business owners you prepare them through explanation and you position their business so it remains stable. The process of sharpening a knife requires that you always move forward and "cut into the stone." When working with businesses it is very tempting to go in circles, but if you want a black edge sharp plan, then you have to be prepared for meticulous and thorough inspection with a continuously forward momentum. Never drag your plan backwards and always inspect.

Perry's philosophy is excellent when it comes to meticulous and careful creation and selection of insurance policies because he is very skilled at evaluating even the finest details.

Black Edge Advisory Inc. was a natural choice for Perry when naming his corporation.

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At Black Edge Advisory Inc., We are committed to review and sharpen your insurance plans so that the insurance serves you best at the right time.

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As perfect as a black edge, we evaluate your needs and suggest the right solution that will serve you for the times to come.

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