Our Services

We offer a wide range of insurance products and a strategic review of your corporate plan. The information on this page is intended to identify concerns that Perry Bennett can address for you. After reading over this page, please be sure to learn more about Perry Bennett here.

We are a great fit for companies looking to address the following questions:
How dependent is your business on you, or on the services of a key person in your organization? What would happen to your business if you or that key person were unable to continue to provide those services? Is this a vulnerability? Do you have a plan to address it?

Do you have one or more partners? Have you discussed how to deal with the shares of a deceased partner? Would surviving partners buy out the shares of the deceased, or would the spouse or children step in as a new partner? Is this reflected in a shareholder agreement? When was it last reviewed? How is the agreement funded and are sources of funds adequate to meet current needs?

Have you given any thought as to who you would want to succeed you as the owner of your business? Would your children take over? Would you sell the business to a third party? Have you considered the tax implications of your succession plan?

Have you considered a retirement strategy? Will assets remain in your corporation to draw on as retirement income? Have you considered the tax implications of your plan? Have you considered more tax friendly ways to generate retirement income?

Does your business have investment income which is not related to the business activities of the business? Did you know that such income is taxed at a much higher rate than regular business income? Are there more tax friendly ways to deploy the investment capital?

Does your corporation have accumulated capital which exceeds its operating capital requirements? Have you considered strategies which may make it possible to access this capital in a tax friendly manner?

Do you offer a benefits package to your employees? Have you considered all your options? Are you sure you’re not paying too much for the coverage you carry? When was your plan last reviewed?

Do you or your partners have significant shareholder loans? Would any of these loans require repayment due to an unforeseen event? Would such a repayment put your company in a difficult capital position? Have you considered options to fund this risk?

Does your company employ a key person? Are you concerned that a competitor might attract this person away from you? Have you considered ways to reward this person for their current and continued loyalty?

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