Black Edge Sharp: Who we are?

At Black Edge Advisory, we believe your corporate plan is the roadmap to your company's success. That's why we go beyond simply reviewing it; we conduct a meticulous and strategic analysis. This in-depth examination allows us to gain a deep understanding of your ambitions, meticulously assess potential risks, and rigorously evaluate your plan against those goals.

Think of it as a financial compass recalibration. Through this comprehensive analysis, we don't just identify potential roadblocks, we uncover hidden opportunities to propel you further towards your objectives. We become your partner in not only identifying overlooked vulnerabilities but also in crafting a proactive strategy to manage them before they become obstacles.

But here's the critical question: How reliant is your business on you, the owner, or on a key employee's specific skillset? What would happen if you or that individual were unexpectedly unable to contribute their expertise? This potential vulnerability could significantly impact your company's operations.

Black Edge Advisory doesn't just help you identify such risks; we also help you develop a mitigation plan. We'll work with you to establish solutions that ensure your business can weather unforeseen circumstances and maintain its momentum, even in the face of key personnel changes.

In essence, we empower you to transform your corporate plan from a static document into a dynamic roadmap to success. By partnering with Black Edge Advisory, you gain the tools and insights needed to achieve your goals, mitigate risks, and ensure the long-term stability of your business.

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Black Edge and Your Business

Perry Bennett has over three decades of experience as a regulator and administrator for the Federal Government. He has extensive experience interpreting and understanding legal provisions in complex documents such as shareholder agreements and insurance policies. Please review Black Edge Advisory’s Services and Perry Bennett’s Profile. After you have taken the time to get to know Black Edge and Perry, don’t hesitate to request a consultation.

Business Associates

Black Edge Advisory Inc. has a wide range of business associates. Most notable of which is PPI Solutions Inc., one of Canada’s largest and most respected full service Managing General Agencies (MGA), with offices all across the country. All business generated by Black Edge Advisory Inc. is processed through PPI Solutions (Edmonton) Inc. and Perry and Black Edge Advisory Inc. recognize PPI Solutions as a huge resource.

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