Vern Paul

I Trust Perry Bennett Wholeheartedly

In April of 2013, I lost my business partner, Eimert Hartog, the president of Harco Manufacturing, in a tragic accident. My partner’s widow, Leanne Hartog, then took over the role of president within the company. As you can imagine, this accident caused us to re-evaluate and redefine our company. During this process we came to the realization that we were lacking in protection for the company’s key personnel/corporate insurance. That discovery lead us to Perry Bennett. I have known Perry personally for over 15 years, but had not worked with him professionally before. From the very beginning, he listened intently to all the details of the company, its operations and how we, as a company, all fit together.

Perry, being a friend of the Hartog family for many years, was already somewhat familiar with some of the workings of Harco Manufacturing, however he did not make any assumptions on any facet. His attention to every detail and his commitment to providing our company with the best possible coverage was outstanding. He acquired a policy for Harco Manufacturing, at a better than applied for rate, that allows us to be protected for any and all circumstances. The entire process was thorough and professional and the results were above and beyond what we had hoped for. I would, without pause, recommend Perry for any company seeking corporate insurance.