Perry Bennett

Perry has been active in the life insurance market since 2006, most recently specializing in the use of various life, health and disability products to create and maintain wealth for select corporate clients.

Perry and his new corporation, Black Edge Advisory Inc., are licensed in Alberta to sell life insurance, as well as accident and sickness insurance. Working primarily with select business owners to help them identify and manage risks associated with operating a successful enterprise, through the use of proven financial tools, Perry and Black Edge Advisory Inc. work to protect capital, income and ensure business continuity.

Perry’s focus is to serve the business community with enthusiasm and integrity, drawing on his skills at interpreting legal documentation to find and present the best solutions to their insurance needs.

Perry spent over three decades working with the Federal Government as a regulator and administrator, where interpreting and understanding legal provisions is the first step to getting it right. Perry draws on these experiences and his attained skills to help clients find solutions to their corporate needs.

Perry is an advocate of life long learning. He earned a Diploma in Administrative Management from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and has continued to take courses throughout his careers to gain relevant knowledge and skills. Perry considers experience to be the best teacher, and believes every day offers valuable lessons for each of us.

This is a major step for Perry, who works primarily with select business owners to make sure that the unique risks, challenges and opportunities they face are professionally addressed.

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Serving The Greater Edmonton Area